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Penguin Home Solutions Limited Warranty

Penguin Power Guard Guarantee

We only use premium solar products that come with a 25-year warranty. We demand that our suppliers stand by their products just as we stand behind our craftsmanship and our customers best interest.

Workmanship Guarantee 

We guarantee the Quality of our work for a full 25 years!!!

We Guarantee our work is done right and free from defects. This means that if a system malfunctions then the repairs/services are free if defects are found in our work. This Guarantee runs parallel to the manufacturers warranties.

25 Year

25 Year

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee your solar will produce the power we promised!!!​

The solar power system is supposed to generate the amount of power it was designed for. If the system is failing to meet the production requirements then we will fix the problem and reimburse the customer for the system losses. This warranty follows the linear production warranty from the panel manufacturer.

25 Year

Extended Roof Penetration Guarantee

We guarantee that we will treat your roof like it was our own and keep it from leaks and damage!!!

 We offer a 25-year warranty when we install a new roof with your solar. If we are installing on an existing roof then we will still guarantee that the roof penetrations will be free from leaks for a minimum of 10 years. All of our installed roofs will include 30-40 year limited lifetime warranties of the product.

25 Year

Technology Guaranteed with Price Lock

If your system needs repairs or replacement parts any time during the 25 year warranty period, we promise to use the newest technology compatible with your existing equipment!!!

Solar equipment rarely fails but if it does we will do our best to use the most current replacement parts compatible with your system. We know that your needs change over the years and you may want to add solar panels and inverters to your home's power system. So we also give our customers the peace of mind to know they will always get the most savings possible as their family grows or their needs change for other reasons.

100% Covered

Have total confidence in your solar!
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