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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Keep Your Vehicle Running

Do you need a Charger for Your Electric Vehicle?

Introducing: Level 2 Charger & Level 3 Charger

Here at Penguin, we have teamed up with the top-of-the-line EV Charger brands, Siemens and SolarEdge to help keep your vehicle running. These products provide fast charging, flexible controls, and durability to last. 

For Home Improvement or Corporate installations,
Penguin can help!

By 2040, more than 70% of vehicles sold are predicted to be electric. With that, Penguin Home Solutions wants to help with the transition by offering our EV Charging Installation service. We offer premium products from both Siemens and SolarEdge which includes financing options and warranties. Whether it is for Home Improvement projects or for Corporate buildings, we can help you install the right system for you and your needs.

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