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Are you AC Expenses Too High ?

Introducing the #1 Residential cooling & Ventilation System: QuietCool Whole-House Fan 

Let Penguin Home Solutions improve your home and living quality with a QuietCool whole house fan system. Their features make them the leading manufacturer of whole-house fans.

Keep your AC costs down

When the temperature goes up!

QuietCool Products


features a permanent split capacitor motor to provide reliability and energy efficiency. This patented dust system also neutralizes noise vibrations. 

QC CL (1500) - QC CL (7000)

Trident Pro

Features a permanent split capacitor motor to increase efficiency and reliability with maximum energy efficiency. 

TriPro 1.5x - TriPro 7.0x

Stealth Pro

Utilizes the same advanced permanent split capacitor motor to decrease noise. This also helps efficiently disperse cold/warm air.

STL Pro 1.5x - STL Pro 7.0x

Energy Saver

features an electronically commutated (EC) AC/DC brushless motor for the highest energy efficiency.

QC ES (1500) - QC ES (7000)

Attic Fan

Professionally installed to help reduce the head capacity of your home throughout those hot summer nights.

AFG SMT 3.0 & AFG Pro 3.0

Key Features

R5 Insulated Damper System - Prevents heat/cooling loss.

Quiet Cool patented duct system a self-contained system that counteracts noise vibrations.

Electronically Commutated (EC) AC/DC brushless motor 

Quietest whole house system on the market - Compare  db to others at 80dB

The Classic Series comes with a
10-year warranty while the Pro Series comes with a 15-year warranty 

QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Controller

What are the benefits of QuietCool systems?

Reduces A/C related electricity costs by 50 - 90%
Removes heat and keeps your home cool
Removes humidity & steam
Removes pet dander
Removes odors, smoke, & VOC gases
Prevents mold & mildew
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