Our Privacy Policy

Updated June, 2021

What Information Is Collected

  1. Name, email, phone number, location, and any other information you provide

  2. IP address, computer, and session information such as length of sessions, pages viewed

How Information Is Collected

  1. When visitors fill out one of our forms or use the chat box

  2. Visitor sessions are logged through Analytics

  3. Wix.com Analytics to track traffic and website sessions

Why We Collect Personal Information

  • We collect such Non-personal information for the following purposes:

    1. To provide and operate our services

    2. To contact visitor's at their request

    3. To form a quote for a service

    4. To gather statistical data to assess website interactions and session time and general info such as city and browser source.

How We Store, Use, Share, and Disclose Our Visitor's Information

  1. Penguinhomesolutions.com is hosted on Wix.com, which stores visitor inquiries and visitor website sessions the website stores user data

Communicating With Our Site's Visitors

  1. We contact users at their request which they have requested by either filling out our quote form, leaving a message in the chat box, or sending an email through our email link listed on penguinhomesolutions.com

How Site Visitors Can Withdraw Their Consent

  1. Users may withdraw their consent by directly requesting that their information be removed from our contact lists.

Privacy Policy Updates

How To Contact Us

  1. Contact Penguin Home Solutions Inc. by email at explore@penguin1.com

  2. Or by phone at 888-488-8001

  3. If you wish to be contacted by Penguin Home Solutions Inc, fill out our Contact Form or Quote Form. Or, leave a message in the chat box.

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