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Penguin Patios

4 Seasons Patio Structures

are now Available!

Solar Patios - Now Available!

Introducing our Brand New 4 Season Outdoor Solar Patios

Penguin Home solutions is teaming up with the Award-Winning 4 Seasons for their 
patio structure designs! These are premium patio structures and solar panel systems that can provide utility for any home!

solar patios (1).jpg

2-in-1: Both a solar panel system to reduce your utility bill
and a beautiful patio structure onto your property!

Whether you want to reduce your utility bill, create a fun space to enjoy parties, or protect your property from sun damage, our solar patio structure offer a complete high quality bundle to add value to any home! 

This product comes with a variety of different designs, materials, and sizes to fit and provide utility for any residence here in California. Increase your property's value with our Solar-ready patios!

Finance and Credit options are available. See if you Qualify.


- 220 square feet

- 8 Panels

- 3.16 kW System

- Financing options available

- Lifetime Warranty

Solar Patio structure Size (2).jpg

- 392 square feet

- 14 panels

- 5.53 kW system

- Financing options available

- Lifetime Warranty


- 540 square feet

- 20 Panels 

- 7.9 kW system

- Financing options available

- Lifetime Warranty

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