Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why go solar? What benefits does it provide?
Not only will solar help reduce your electric bill and increase the value of your home, but going solar will also help reduce your carbon footprint.
2. How resistant are solar panels to damage? 
3. Does regular homeowners insurance cover damage?
4. Will a solar system increase the value of my property?
Purchasing a solar system has proven to increase the value of a property. A leased unit, however, may not.
5. Does the company offer a production guarantee?
Penguin Home Solutions Inc. offers a 25-year production Guarantee.
6. Will I be able to change the size of my system? 
7. What panels does the company use?
Solar panel options with Penguin Home Solutions Inc. includes panels from LG, Hanwha, Panasonic, and Solaria. 
8. How will the solar panels affect my electric bill?
Having a solar system 
9. How does solar work?
Solar panels are composed of solar cells that convert sunlight into direct current electricity, which is then converted to alternating current electricity by a power inverter.
10. What happens if I move?
You have the option to sell the solar system along with the property by having the new homeowners take over the loan.***
11. How long does the installation process take?
The entire solar process consists of creating plans, getting permits, the actual install, and passing inspections. Completion typically takes 30-60 days.
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