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Never get stuck in the dark.

Generac Power Generator

Keep Your Home Running

Do you need a generator?

Introducing the award-winning: Generac Power Generator

Generac is the leading generator technology company that provides an advanced power system for your home.  Here at Penguin Home Solutions, we are proud to be partners with this prestigious company so we can help keep your home safe when the lights shutoff unexpectedly.

Are you prepared for an Emergency Outage?

Don't be left in the dark.

California often experiences the weather of both high winds and low humidity that is known to cause destructive wildfires. In order to prevent the start or spread of fires, utility companies will mandate Public Safety Power Shutoffs.  Become energy independent by adding a generator to your solar system. Don't be left in the dark again. 

Got Financing?

You're going to love Penguin's finance options available when you sign up with us!

Mosaic - Finance Option

Concert - Finance Option

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